The future of home services is here.

Experience better waste services, sign up for home services, and enjoy a cleaner community.

Being a PIN Plus resident unlocks amazing home services

Community offers

Sign up for community deals at a fantastic price.

Waste programs

Waste programs are managed through the PIN Plus platform.

Customer support

Requests are handled through our team of service experts.

The Future of Home Services is Here.

Contract with trusted vendors at fair and honest pricing.

Residential Home Services Made Easy

Save money on waste services, sign up for home services, and enjoy community events. All in one place.

HOA Solutions for Property Managers

We handle the customer service and help you save time & money managing services in your community.

Reach More Communities

As a vendor, serve a large number of customers in a small area and invoice one customer instead of hundreds.

A win-win through power in numbers

PIN Plus connects communities with vendors to provide competitive pricing and service via group pricing.

Access events and services

Residents can sign up for a range of services and offers hosted in the community.

One account per door

Each homeowner has an account to manage their services independently.
PIN Plus for Vendors

Vendor Services

Become the go-to vendor for residents in large communities.
Service a large number of people in a small area
Gain access to a large HOA customer base
Invoice one main customer instead of hundreds
PIN Plus for Property managers

We Empower Property Managers

Take control of your resident's service needs with our platform.

Save time and money

Register for event service days hosted by PIN Plus aim to improve your home and community.

Upfront pricing

Get the help you need — when you need it — with upfront pricing and instant booking for pest control, waste services, cleaning and more.

No contracts

Allows HOAs the benefit of multiple services without having to sign service contracts with the vendors
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What the community is saying

Who gives their waste company a good review without being asked? I guess I do... We replaced our old waste company with PIN Plus several years ago and I have nothing but good things to say. They do a good job, are reasonable and fix the occasional slip-ups quickly.

Bill K

PIN Plus doesn’t just talk the talk; they walk the walk. From their punctual pickups to their excellent customer service, I couldn't be more pleased. They even take the time to educate us on better waste management practices.

Jarrett L.

I had to make an emergency call due to some disposal issues, and PIN Plus was incredibly responsive. They sent a team out the same day, solving the problem in no time. Impressive service.

Dave R.

I spoke to a customer service rep named Maria, who was both knowledgeable and incredibly helpful. She answered all my questions and helped set up a customized plan that suits my needs. Five stars for excellent customer service!

Roger L.

"We've had a few waste management services over the years, but PIN Plus is by far the most responsible when it comes to recycling and eco-friendly practices. It's great to see a company take sustainability seriously."

George W.

The PIN Plus mobile app makes it so easy to manage our waste pickup schedule and any special requests. Modern problems require modern solutions, and PIN Plus delivers.

Linda F.

If I could give PIN Plus more than five stars, I would. Our old waste management service was unreliable and expensive, but since making the switch, everything runs like clockwork. Thank you, PIN Plus!

Karen G.

Switching to PIN Plus has been a game-changer for our small business. Their reliable service and excellent customer support have made dealing with waste management a breeze. Highly recommend!

Jeff A.

PIN Plus is fantastic. Their team is always responsive, and they take the time to educate us on how to better manage our waste and recycling. The rates are reasonable and the service is consistent. Highly recommend!

Mark S.

Switching to PIN Plus has been one of the best decisions we made for our community. Their professionalism and dedication to efficient waste management is evident. Highly recommended!

Sandra H.

The #1 app for waste and home services

PIN Plus is designed to give homeowners and renters full access to discounted services, events, and waste programs in their neighborhood
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