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What are Organics?

Organic waste, also known as "biowaste," is any waste that comes from plants or animals and is biodegradable. It's typically composed of materials that were once alive, such as:

  1. Food waste: This includes leftovers, vegetable peels, eggshells, coffee grounds, and any other food items that are discarded.
  2. Green waste: This type of waste includes garden waste such as grass clippings, branches, leaves, flowers, and other plant material.
  3. Paper waste: This includes soiled paper and cardboard that are not suitable for traditional recycling due to contamination with food or other biological materials.
  4. Wood waste: This includes untreated wood, sawdust, and other wood materials.
  5. Textiles and fibers: This includes natural fiber products like cotton, wool, and silk.
  6. Manure and animal waste: This includes waste from livestock and pets, as well as from wildlife in some cases.
  7. Human waste: In some contexts, human waste, or sewage sludge, is also considered organic waste.

When disposed of improperly, organic waste can contribute to methane emissions, a potent greenhouse gas. However, when managed properly, organic waste can be composted, turned into soil amendments, or used to generate biogas, contributing to a circular economy and sustainable waste management practices.

Last updated
May 23, 2023

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